Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am tired. Danny is tired. Mason is tired. I wrote a big long post about the last couple days and nights of a tired cranky boy. Mason who has slept through the night since he was 10 weeks old and put him self to sleep since he was 6 months old, decided that sleeping was scary :( It has been a little stressful having this night and day change (literally this time last week he loved his bed and loved to sleep) Anyway I decided that instead of focusing on my worry I would write down some positive things from the last couple of days.

*Lily sleeps like a dream 10:00 pm - 8:00 am
*Today Lily put herself to sleep twice, when I didn't even mean to try... I just needed to lay her down to take care of something for Mason, YAY!
*Mason's language skills are growing exponentially, it is wonderful to see him grow, learn and use his imagination
*I am so grateful to my friend Hollie who gave us an extra crib, so Mason is still trapped!
* I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the knowledge that I have of his love and plan of happiness
* I am grateful for the spirit that I feel even when I am at a breaking point with my kids. I felt a wonderful peace tonight as I was rocking Lily and watching Mason play. I am grateful I am a mother that can learn and grow as I watch Mason and Lily learn and grow.

Here is a little video of my beautiful children. Nothing is better than listening to their laughter. As a side note Lily only laughs this hard at Mason, she loves him!

P.S. if any of you experience moms or inexperienced moms having any advice or suggestions as to help Mason sleep again I would greatly appreciate it.

(update : Mason fell asleep after a few minutes of crying so here's to hoping it will last through the night!)


Matt and Amie said...

Kaylee went through the same thing. All the sudden she just became so afraid of the dark. We went to Target and bought her a special princess night light and made a big deal out of it. She now knows if she gets out of bed, or doesnt go to bed, then Mom and Dad will take her special light away and it will be dark. Its worked so far! :)

Glen Brooksby said...

That video is hilarious. When kids get in that mood it's a riot.

missesbarlow said...

hahahahaha! i want a baby!