Friday, September 25, 2009

Blessing Day

I am so behind on blogging... here are some pictures taken of Lily in her blessing dress. Lily was blessed when she was 2 months old on August 23.

My mom made her dress and it is very special to me because it was made from the left over lace of my wedding dress. And extra extra special because this lace survived the fire my mom and dad had at their house almost exactly 5 years ago. My wedding dress didn't survive so I am glad I get to have a little piece to remember.

Lily in her "wedding dress" (that is what Danny kept calling it)

Here is a picture of me in my wedding dress... it is hard to see the detail of the dress in the picture. Click to enlarge. My mom made the dress and hand beaded all of the lace. She is amazing!

Danny and Lily (this isn't on the actual day of the blessing because I forgot to take pictures)

My mom made a bonnet to go with the dress, it was a little big but she still looked cute! Raquel I think she looks so much like you as a baby in this picture.

She was definitely a princess in this dress!


Deb said...

That is so pretty! Your dress is gorgeous too. I love that picture of her in the bonnet. One do you make it able to click on a picture to enlarge it? I've tried so many ways and still cant figure it out. Thanks.

April said...

Thanks Deb.
About the pictures I am not sure. I just use the add picture button on blogger, center, large (though I don't see why that would make a difference) I tried clicking on your pictures and you right it doesn't work, but it seems to work on other peoples sites. Are you uploading your pictures differently? Like in photobucket or something? Otherwise I am not sure, that is weird!

Jared and Laura said...

Beautiful dresses, they're so elaborate...your mom is SO talented! Lily looks adorable in her dress.

DAVE'N'JULIE said...

That is a beautiful dress!!! I love it! Lilly is such a beautiful baby!

Kristin said...

Wow. That is such a wonderful keepsake. She does look like a little princess.