Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apple picking

A couple of weeks ago we went apple picking for family home evening. First we went to a farm with discount apples that were hail damaged but they were closed when we got there. We found another place that was opened until 6, we got there at 5:40 :) So it was a short visit but totally worth it. Mason kept pointing to the "aps" but had to be prodded to actually pick the apples from the trees.

Lily hanging out in the "buddy bag"

Mason found a HUGE apple and started eating it right away

Looking for the best apples

Still going at it :)
Peek a boo

Picking some apples

Apple orchards are gorgeous

Oh she is so yummy

This is a usual scenario... I want to take pictures and Mason wants me to hold him

Mason found that picking the apples off the ground was much easier than plucking them from the trees

Lily had enough, haha

We didn't end up with very many apples because I wanted pictures more than apples, oh well maybe next time :)


Deb said...

Fun! You are such a good photographer. That is the first picture I've ever seen of Lily crying (I think), she seems like such a chill baby.

April said...

She is a chill baby for the most part... she just doesn't like it when she is in the front carrier and we kneel on the ground like Danny is, haha