Monday, October 5, 2009

Tour of the Albany International Airport

A few weeks ago my friend put together a group to tour the airport. You have to be a school so we called ourselves the "Glenville Preschool" since many of the kids from church do a co-op preschool at their houses. Mason LOVED it! First we got to tour the airport fire house, then we took a shuttle bus to the airport terminal and finally we went up to the observation deck to watch the airplanes land.

Warning there are tons of pictures because 1. there was lots of things to see 2. I am obsessed with Mason and his cuteness!

Listening to the fireman tell us about the fire trucks (it was funny because you could tell he was used to talking to older kids... these 2, 3 and 4 year old kids have very short attention spans)

Mason hanging out in the truck

I never knew airport firetrucks were so different

Here is our only group shot of the kids (most of them) and the fireman and Anjanette :)
Getting on the shuttle to the airport terminal. Mason called it a bus and ran when I told him he could get on

The group on the bus

Red heads :)

Kids checking out the terminal below

In the observation tower. We had to wait about 15 minutes for a plane to land.

Kaylie, Mason and Ainsley anxiously awaiting an airplane

Isn't this picture so cute!

Finally one landed! Mason kept saying, "I see a plane"

And then another one :)


At the end waiting for the shuttle bus to take us back to the fire house, I tried to get one more group picture and this is the best I got. Can you see how mad Mason is, haha

This is Mason's exploring face, sucking on his bottom lip

In the shuttle on the way back. Mason is sitting by his friends from nursery

At the fire house getting ready to leave, I love this picture!

This was such a great day! I love exploring new things with Mason, he is so much fun :)

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Justin and Toshi said...

Looks like you had fun - I had no idea airports gave tours! Love the pics! Mason is getting so big!