Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kitchen remodel part 1

While Kristi was visiting we decided to take advantage of the free labor :)  It started while Danny was at work and Kristi and I took down the wall paper.  Haha, what a surprise for Danny when he got home.  Later that day we sprayed down the walls so we could remove the glue part of the paper and see what was underneath, luckily nothing too scary!  Mason really really loved spraying water all over the walls, he is such a great helper!

Then we took off the doors to all the cupboards so we could start turning the cupboards white and change the color of the walls.  Danny and Kristi did a great job priming everything in the kitchen!

Our new refrigerator! I am so happy we don't have to defrost this one once a week to keep it working :)

This is what we did in the evenings after the kids went to sleep, priming and painting the cupboard doors :)

We had to bring the pack and play upstairs when this one was awake and we were working because he is a mischievous little one year old that likes to get into everything!

We decided that Lily is just as naughty so we threw her in the pack and play with Judah :) 

This is part one of many parts of the kitchen remodel, it looks prettier each time!

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