Sunday, October 2, 2011


We had so much fun going to the zoo one day with some of our cousins!  Olivia, Max, CT, Faith, Kailie and then of course Aunt Nat, Uncle Caleb, Grammy and Grandma Fitt!  It was a lovely warm day and lots of fun.  They had all these "dinosaurs" around the park that Mason loved to go find and see.  One even spit water at us :)  We saw the elephant show, and my favorite was the bird show!  It was so fun seeing all the birds flying around the stadium, right over our heads.  And at the end Lily really loved giving the bird a dollar to put in the donation box, so so fun!

Miss Olivia was such a great helper with Lily, so so cute!

Mason waiting to get sprayed by the dinosaur!

Oh goodness, I love this picture!

See the difference

All the girls!

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