Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nannie and Grandpa

I love my Nannie and Grandpa.  They are always so sweet and kind to me and my kids.  Also they are super patient with my crazy kids, goodness I think Lily broke at least 2 things in the hour we were there, yikes!  They have a super cute dog, also named Lilly!  So that was pretty funny.  My Lily didn't seem to mind but Lilly the dog didn't like that I kept reprimanding my Lily when she was being naughty.  The dog was very confused, haha! 

The Lillies:

Oh my sweet Nannie, I am so glad she got to come out and see the kids.  I love her so so much.  I remember when I was little she always had candy tucked away at her house for us.  And then when we would leave she would pack us a little goody bag filled with cookies, treats and candy for us to eat on the way home.  I loved it!  Especially the yummy vanilla cookies :)

On the way out hugs

And the stinker hug, from my own little stinker!

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