Friday, March 30, 2012

Family Pinewood Derby

We had an awesome ward activity put on by the Elder's Quorum.  It was wonderful because it was for the family :)  It was great because Danny was entertained, the kids were really really excited and I just got to sit back and relax :)  I don't have any actual pictures of race day, I do have some videos I will have to put up later.  Danny made three cars, the first was the Newman van which he made a perfect little replica of our black family van.  Complete with pictures of the whole family.  Mason designed his and called it the "T-rex dino dragon"  Danny cut it out for him, but Mason painted it all by himself except Danny helped him with the teeth and eyes.  He even wrote his name on the bottom and gave it a number 100 which says like "ten hundred" and he writes it like 700.  Originally Lily wasn't going to get a car and Danny gave her an extra one to paint while Mason was painting.  I didn't think that was really fair so he glued some letters on it and made a fun bobble head with Lily's face :)  

Mason's car started out fastest at first but he kept throwing it around so by the end of racing Lily's car was faster.  The van could have won "the safest driver award" since it never reached the finish line.  (Well it did once but that was because of the guy controlling the start gave it a push start once, ha!)  But he did win the best overall car, voted by everyone there, and that was well deserved because the van is awesome.  I wish you could see it in real life!  

Lily and Mason, but mostly Lily, would run to grab their car super fast after the race.  A few times Lily got to her car before all the racers were done, haha.  But they had a great time and loved watching their cars, and all the others race down the track.  None of these cars made it into the top 8 but that is ok because I think ours were the most creatively made!  Mason' car won most artistic and Lily's won the funniest!  

Here are some pictures we took for fun so we could show people easier and show off Danny's great work! 

Here are the three new cars with some of the Older cars Danny made while we lived in the Bronx!

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