Friday, March 2, 2012


The next day Danny was home because Jon and Kristi had driven in from DC to see us and meet Oliver.  Kristi, Danny, Mason and Lily went outside to play and Danny decided they should build an igloo.  They used the big field behind our house and Danny put Kristi to work rolling giant snow balls to build it.  Mason and Lily "helped" a lot rolling the snow and packing in the holes.  After a while the kids started getting a little bored so I filled some water bottles up with colored water for them to spray and "paint" the igloo.  After a while Kristi and Lily both came in but Danny and Mason stayed out to finish the project.  Danny tried to convince Mason that they should sleep in it that night.  Luckily they didn't because it rained all night and the igloo barely stood the next day.  Overall it was pretty cool especially since you could fit a couple of people inside!

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