Friday, March 2, 2012


I wanted to do something fun for Danny's birthday since a lot of  his family happened to visiting on the big day.  Since his birthday was on a Sunday we decided to go bowling on Friday afternoon and just have a big birthday weekend.  Bowling was really fun more most of it.  Lily didn't take a nap, surprise surprise, and was pretty crabby.  Actually Mason was pretty crabby and mopy too if he didn't get his way.  But when they were happy it was really fun and I enjoyed it.  Kristi the preggers beat everyone which was awesome!  I loved watching the little kids try and carry the balls to the lane and push it down the ramp or put it on the ground and push it to the pins.  Right at the very beginning we weren't watching Lily and she grabbed a ball and rolled it down the lane, she wanted it back so she ran onto the lane only to quickly fall on her behind.  She then tried to stand up only to fall again and that scared her.  Those lanes sure are slippery!  Once she got over that shock she had fun and wanted to keep rolling the balls even when it wasn't her turn or the pins weren't cleared yet. Judah was so cute pushing the balls down the ramp, and his shirt was a little too small so his cute belly button kept peeking out :) Another funny moment was when I was nursing Oliver Danny bowled for me and got me to strikes in a row, what a loving husband!  

Then after bowling we went out for pizza which is Danny's favorite :)  Here are a couple of random iPhone pictures.  First Mason figured out how to use a knife to cut his food.  Then while we were waiting Danny got the kids a stick on tattoo (which ended up being too good, we had to use nail polish remover to get them off over a week later.  And then of course a picture of them falling asleep in the car on a 7 minute car ride :)

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