Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oliver 2 months

Oliver is 2 months old!  I can't believe how time is flying and how big my little baby is getting.  It is funny this time around because even though my life is chaotic: my house is a mess, we eat mac and cheese for dinner, Mason and Lily run around like wild animals, I am trying to run a photography business and we are living out of laundry baskets I feel like I am enjoy this newborn stage even more than with Mason and Lily.  I think I am less stressed and worried about all the cries and schedules and sleepless nights because I know it will pass and I know he won't be a little sweet baby forever.  I love snuggling with him in the middle of the night and smelling his baby head and milky breath.  I love that he holds my hand while nursing and "pats" my back.  I love the milk coma face after he eats and is full.  And I love how big and squishy he is getting yet staying so snuggly.  I love it when I hold him he nuzzles into my neck and falls asleep.  Oh and his smiles, I love it when he smiles at me and when he smiles at the kids.  It makes me a happy mama to see my kids play and interact with each other!

I think it is such a blessing to be able to have more than one child.  I understand that some people aren't able too and it breaks my heart for them.  I am amazed with myself how I have grown with each of my babies, I am more relaxed, confident and patient (well sometimes, it is hard with Mason and Lily, ha). I am loving this baby stage and I don't want it to end.

Another thing that is different this time around is my documenting each month for Oliver.  I did it with the Mason and Lily and we will see if I can keep it up with Oliver.  I sort of already failed because I forgot to do his 1 month updates haha, but I will just combine it with this month and see what I can remember.  I am going to try really hard this year to stay on top of the blog so I don't have to spend a month catching up on everything to make the blog book at the end of the year, anyway...

*Oliver is stil sleeping in the basinet next to me, though that will probably change soon since there is only 1 inch above his head and below his feet in space left for him.  Well probably a little more than that but you get the idea, my baby is getting big!

*He weighed 13.5 lbs at his 6 week doctors appointment so I am guessing he is close to 15lbs at this point.  My milk is like cream and my kids pack on the weight until they are about 6 months old when they start evening out.  Oh I just did a little math with me and him on the scale which puts him at 16lbs pretty sure that isn't quite right but gives you an idea.

*He started smiling at 7 weeks

*He is starting to coo and has these little baby laughs but I don't think they are real yet but are still super cute.

*He loves to hang out on his back on the couch and look at the black and white pictures above him, he will smile at them all day.

*He smiles into space all the time, what is he looking at???

*He loves the binky and will fall asleep with it all the time, yay!  I am totally a binky mom and I don't know what I would do at this point if he wouldn't take it.

*He loves to be swaddle while he sleeps and I love the swaddle me blankets with the velcro so he will stay snug and tight with no escape.

*He is starting to sleep a little better giving me at good 4-5 hour stretch at night, lately he will do 6 hours some nights.  I hope he keeps it up.  I am thinking it will be better when he goes to his own room because sometimes when he gets up he won't nurse at all, I don't think he was ever really awake.

*He is a pretty good nurser and very efficient.  Luckily he doesn't spit up much but I think that is because he will not overfeed himself.  When he is done, he is done!

*He is very patient with Lily smothering him all the time which is good because I don't think that will stop anytime soon!

*All the hair feel off the top of his head except a little strip across his forehead, haha.  Before it fell out there was a little glitter of red in it.  The mullet and the hair on back of his head that didn't fall out does still have a little tiny bit of red in it.  But the hair that is growing in from where it fell out is blondish.  I think it will be a darker blonde color of hair like I had growing up.  His eyebrows and eyelashes are the same color.  Only time will tell though as it grows, and I think it will be better to tell when we are ouside more in the sunlight.

Alright that is all for now.  Here are some pictures I took of him on Monday for his 2 month old portraits. I am going to put some of them side by side his 1 week and 1 month pictures to compare and plan to do one for each month :)

This is him in his blessing outfit my mom made for Mason and now Oliver, he got blessed this last Sunday

Auntie Heather, gave the kids some super cute hats.  Usually I am not the type to put huge hats/bows on kids for photo ops but, for serious, how could I resists this cuteness.  I love the hats, and my baby.  All things must be cuter when it involves your own kid :)

See he loves his binky :)  I really tried hard to get some sleepy pictures of him like I did in the first month but he only stayed asleep for about 5 minutes and was in an awkward position, he woke up when I tried to move him :)  I think I am at the end of sleepy pictures and the newborn phase.


Madsen Family said...

April, I'm so glad you left a comment b/c I once had your blog address and then lost it, so now it's found--yay! Oliver is adorable. And how does he outweigh my 5-month-old? I can't believe how cute he is and I'm so jealous of all the beautiful shots you have of him. It almost makes me want to hone some sort of photography skills. Almost. I'll be back for more updates, I'm sure. Keep snuggling that cute newborn--they grow too fast.

LAINA said...

Oh my goodness you and Danny make the cutest kids! He is adorable! Looking at those pictures makes me want to snuggle him.

Tera said...

I serioulsy CANNOT believe how chubby he has gotten so quickly! He is adorable!

I love how eloquently you described how much you are enjoying him. I couldn't have said it any better! You perfectly put in to words exactly how I am feeling right now!